Institutional sellers of distressed assets such as pools of REO, performing and non-performing loans can market to qualified buyers on the growing BRN platform. BRN offers a competitive and transparent atmosphere to generate maximum sale proceeds for sellers. BRN has been in business since 2007 and appears #1 in the Google search for “bulk reo”. This exposure complimented by a comprehensive marketing strategy, access to growing database of qualified buyers, allows BRN to maximize pricing.

The listing process is straight forward and allows the provision of as much information required to effectively market the product. If required, the BRN platform allows buyers to be vetted prior to viewing the asset tape; BRN can do this by requesting the appropriate documentation from prospective buyers and make available for review by seller. The BRN process can save time and money spent with the marketing assets and creates an efficient method by which assets can be liquidated in bulk.

Aside from a modest listing fee, you will only pay a commission if the asset(s) get sold.

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