Buyers, a source for verifiable inventory is a source for verifiable inventory that is sold directly from the institutional seller. Since is a direct source and can provide value added services as it relates to analysis, due diligence and the formulation of exit strategies, buyers discover that they receive excellent value pricing on assets. As a buyer, you no longer need to rely on middlemen to identify inventory, negotiate pricing, and subsequently sell at a markup. provides you with the exposure to inventory and the tools needed to assist in your buying decisions.

In addition, has strategic partners who are capable of assisting buyers of assets across the country with services that include, but are not limited to, property disposition after purchase, management and maintenance. provides access to a national property management network that can locate qualified property managers to lease and manage newly acquired assets anywhere in the United States.

Also, the platform is ready to assist buyers in formulating the best exit strategies for purchased assets. Therefore, your buying decisions will be easier knowing that you have the support of a capable and committed organization with the expertise to manage the liquidation process. In addition to the accepted purchase offer price, the purchaser is responsible for the transaction fee identified on the property description page. This fee is paid to at time of closing. Buyers, click here to sign up now.

Buyer Benefits:

  • Opportunity to buy a single or large quantity of assets
  • Available Seller financing on many of the assets
  • All sellers are direct to pre-screened for portfolio capacity
  • Easy access to assets for registered buyers
  • Exposure to a growing source of REO assets
  • Expedited closings