BulkREOnetwork.com (BRN) began in 2007, and we have witnessed the evolution of the bulk reo industry first hand. As banks move away from liquidating in bulk sales as market conditions improve, BRN has implemented new strategies to assist buyers accumulate assets for portfolios.

BRN has recently expanded its sourcing of inventory by enlisting agent/brokers who are representing sellers of bulk packages of REO assets. Prior to listing inventory, agent/brokers will have to demonstrate their contractual agreement to represent the seller. This new program allows BRN to expose more bulk packages to its buyers from various parts of the country. As a result, BRN is quickly becoming the destination for buyers seeking to acquire bulk packages of properties.

The inventory at BRN now includes performing assets as well. The collapse in the housing industry produced large buyers of REO assets who have converted these properties to performing assets, many of which are now being sold in packages of performing pools. This occurrence has presented exceptional purchasing opportunities for buyers seeking professionally managed turnkey portfolios.

The BRN process is easy; simply review the available pools of assets, and submit a request to be contacted. While we prefer to speak directly with buyers, brokers are welcome if they represent a specific buyer.

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