Welcome to BulkREOnetwork

BulkREOnetwork.com is an online platform for buyers and sellers of REO and non-performing assets. Bulk buyers are provided the opportunity to purchase either small or large bulk packages. BulkREOnetwork.com has the experience, expertise and business relationships to get successful results that others promise. As an investor interested in purchasing a small or regional bulk package, you can reach your objectives with BulkREOnetwork.com because we have financial institutions and other inventory holders who are interested in reaching the regional investor.

Having buyers that want to purchase smaller bulk packages enables BulkREOnetwork.com to help institutional sellers and other large inventory holders of REO and non-performing notes to expose their assets to qualified buyers. Our platform allows assets to be presented to both regional and national buyers who are interested in creating their own customized package. We provide a superior BUY-SELL marketplace that brings together all interested parties to our extensive and ever-expanding network.

BulkREOnetwork.com is the platform for maximum exposure of verifiable assets from institutions to buyers interested in both regional and national packages of REO and non-performing assets.

An added value service of BulkREOnetwork.com, we provide a single asset search and liquidation process to complement the exit strategy for all bulk buyers of inventory on the platform. The assets are then marketed to both potential home buyers and investors. As a member of the Equity Trust Professional Network, we expose smaller investors to the opportunities of Self Direct IRA investing.